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February 9, 2008

Microsoft Windows 3.1 Original – Bootable ISO

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Microsoft Windows 3.1 Original – Bootable ISO

Released in 1990, Microsoft Windows 3.0 was a revolutionary operating system for the PC as one of the most used GUI operating systems.

Later Windows 3.1 was released in 1992 by Microsoft and was one of the first major PC GUI operating systems widely used. Windows 3.1 allowed users to utilize several features previously not available in MS-DOS. Some of these new features were the use of a mouse that allowed the user to navigate and manipulate data on the computer with one hand simply and easily and now did not have to memorize MS-DOS commands. In addition to the mouse, Windows now allowed the user to multitask, meaning the user could now run multiple applications at once without having to close out of each program before running another. Windows along with other GUI operating systems are one of the many reasons computers have become easier and more widely used.
Download : Softwares in Folder:�


  1. can I use it in the virtualbox?????

    Comment by elliott GNU/LINUX — July 12, 2008 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

  2. that is not bootable… its just all the files from the 7 floppies combined and made into an iso… i wasted my time downloading that. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT unless you know what to do… If you are looking for an ISO for VirtualBox etc. this wont work!

    Comment by bootable_person — September 2, 2008 @ 4:39 pm | Reply

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